"INSTITUTI" AD - u likvidaciji

Bosnia and Herzegovina "INSTITUTI" AD - u likvidaciji
Vuka Karadžića 30.
Long name: "INSTITUTI" akcionarsko društvo - u likvidaciji
Short name: "INSTITUTI" AD - u likvidaciji
Address: Vuka Karadžića 30.
ZIP and place: 71123 ISTOČNO SARAJEVO
Region: Mezoregion Istočno Sarajevo
Registration number: 1-159
Tax: 4400551850008
Bank Account:
Legal form: Joint-stock company (d.d.)
Date founded: 1/1/2001
Activity: Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering

Bisnode joined Dun & Bradstreet company. Name of the company, tax number and registration number stay the same.