"TTC" d.o.o. Doboj Istok

Bosnia and Herzegovina "TTC" d.o.o. Doboj Istok
Brijesnica Mala bb
Long name: "Textile Technology Center" d.o.o. Doboj Istok
Short name: "TTC" d.o.o. Doboj Istok
Address: Brijesnica Mala bb
ZIP and place: 74000 DOBOJ
Region: Mezoregion Doboj
Registration number: 32-01-0169-11
Tax: 4210047230003
Bank Account:
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA391323010378186854
NLB Banka d.d., Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1323002011310816
NLB Banka d.d., Sarajevo
Legal form: Limited liability company (d.o.o.)
Date founded: 2/17/2012
Activity: Manufacture of other outerwear