"KMH-PROM" d.o.o. Bugojno

Bosnia and Herzegovina "KMH-PROM" d.o.o. Bugojno
Gaj II/ 3
Long name: Trgovinsko uslužno društvo "KMH-PROM" d.o.o. Bugojno
Short name: "KMH-PROM" d.o.o. Bugojno
Address: Gaj II/ 3
ZIP and place: 70230 BUGOJNO
Region: Srednjobosanski kanton
Registration number: 51-01-1940-09
Tax: 4236021990009
Bank Account:
Legal form: Limited liability company (d.o.o.)
Date founded: 9/4/2002
Activity: Retail sale of furniture, lighting equipment and other household articles in specialised stores