"TIM", Ljiljana Timotić, s.p, Lopare

Bosnia and Herzegovina "TIM", Ljiljana Timotić, s.p, Lopare
Cara Dušana bb
Long name: Trgovinska radnja "TIM" Ljiljana Timotić s.p Lopare
Short name: "TIM", Ljiljana Timotić, s.p, Lopare
Address: Cara Dušana bb
ZIP and place: 75240 LOPARE
Region: Mezoregion Bijeljina
Registration number: 305009
Tax: 4501385420009
Bank Account:
Bosnia and Herzegovina 5540030000023554
Legal form: Sole proprietor
Date founded: 12/31/2002
Activity: Retail sale in non-specialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating

Bisnode joined Dun & Bradstreet company. Name of the company, tax number and registration number stay the same.