Vedra Budućnost d.o.o.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Vedra Budućnost d.o.o.
ul.Vranjače 43
Long name: Vedra Budućnost d.o.o.
Short name: Vedra Budućnost d.o.o.
Address: ul.Vranjače 43
ZIP and place: 71000 SARAJEVO
Region: Kanton Sarajevo
Registration number: 65-01-0207-23
Tax: 4203149740000
Bank Account:
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA391413065320298644
BBI d.d. Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA391413065310274858
BBI d.d. Sarajevo
Legal form: Limited liability company (d.o.o.)
Date founded: 3/28/2023
Activity: Engineering activities and related technical consultancy