"ZIMES" Zlatko Škerić s.p. Prijedor

Bosnia and Herzegovina "ZIMES" Zlatko Škerić s.p. Prijedor
Kozarac, Stari Grad bb
Long name: Zanatska radnja "ZIMES" Zlatko Škerić s.p Prijedor
Short name: "ZIMES" Zlatko Škerić s.p. Prijedor
Address: Kozarac, Stari Grad bb
ZIP and place: 79000 PRIJEDOR
Region: Mezoregion Prijedor
Registration number: 615110
Tax: 4510339490000
Bank Account:
Legal form: Sole proprietor
Date founded: 1/1/0001
Activity: Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials